Irish Bars in Memphis

It seems that every city with a population over 2,500 people is required to have at least one Irish bar. This is a good thing because Irish bars are usually the most fun places to be. Memphis has a population of well over 2,500 and, therefore, several Irish bars to choose from. Most of these Irish bars serve traditional pub food—fish and chips, meat pies and other Irish favorites—along with the typical Memphis barbeque and burger fare. Dan McGuinness has two locations in Memphis, one in Peabody Place and the other on Spottswood. Dan McGuinness is a family friendly establishment, but this doesn't mean it skimps on the booze. Silky O'Sullivan's is Beale Street's first Irish pub and serves some of the city's best BBQ ribs. Another popular Memphis Irish pub is called Celtic Crossing and is the best place in the city to keep up with European soccer. For those times when you're hankering for a pint and some delicious food, Memphis' Irish bars won't disappoint.

183 Beale St Memphis TN 38103
903 Cooper St Memphis TN 38104

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